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krishna Dist Tourism

Kondapalli Fort
Kondapali is a must visit site of the city. It is a small settlement popular widely for its magnificent toy manufactures. The doll forms contribute various natural icons like birds, dogs, horse, house etc. Pokini a light kind of wood found here and some coloring agents are the major materials of these colorful doll making.

Victoria Museum
The Victoria Jubilee Museum is an important tourists place propagated by the archaeological department of the city. Pre historical remains like paintings, sculptures, Neolithic implements, stone weapons and other several tools of ancient times are the major display here.

Undavalli Caves
The Undavalli Caves temples are a very important place of excursion. These temples are about 8 km distant from the main city. It is located on the other bank of the rive Krishna atop a hill. The huge sculpture of Lord Vishnu is no doubt the main attraction of these temples.

Rajiv Gandhi Park
Rajiv Gandhi Park Developed by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation with great care and interest, this parl we;cp,es the tourists with its impressive horticultural network. A mini zoo and water fountain are the attractions here

Gandhi Hill
The first Gandhi Memorial with 7 stupas in the country was constructed on this hill at a height of 500 feet stupa was unveiled on 6th Oct.1968 by Dr. Zakir Hussain, the then President of India.Gandhi memorial library, the Sound and light show on Mahatma Gandhi's life and a planetarium are the other attractions

Mogalrajpuram Caves
These caves are said to be excaveted in 5th Century A.D. The idols of Lord Nataraja,Vinayaka and Arda Nareeswara are herein.

Bhavani Island
It is an 133 acre attractive tourist spot island in the river krishna. Journey to he island by boat is very pleasant. It is an ideal spot for picnics and excursions

Prakasam Barriage
Built across the river Krishna has created apanoramic lake. Three canals of river Krishna runs through the city.

Kuchipudi Village
From Vijayawada about 60 km, birth place of Siddendra Yogi, the originator of Kuchipudi dance school by the Siddhendra Kala Kshetram trains many students every year, promoting Kuchipudi dance.

It is about 60 km from Vijayawada located in the baks of Krishna River. Famous Amareswara Swamy temple, Museum and Bowddha Stupa are here.

Manginapudi Beach
located at Vijayawada head quarters Machilipatnam. Attracts lakhs of piligrims during Magha Poornami as it is ideal for sea bathing. Fabric printig with natural colors known as Kalamkari and gold covering are the major world wide famous village industries. The Panduranga Swamy Temple which is said to be similar to the temmple of Pandaripur is a famous piligrim centre.